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JDSU Soft Carrier

JDSU is a leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry. The Digital Services Analysis Meter (DSAM) incorporates state-of-the-art technology which provides for the testing of multiple digital and analog services with just one meter.

The soft carrier that was previously used for the DSAM had issues with unit fit/access, venting, and a high cost of materials and construction. JDSU requested that Catalyst redesign the carrier to improve the form, fit, and function as well as the cost of goods sold.

Catalyst provided initial industrial design and brainstorming services and refined the final concept prior to prototype release. Catalyst continued to provide vendor support for production development after prototype approvals.


JDSU Soft Carrier
JDSU Soft Carrier 2
JDSU Soft Carrier 3
JDSU Soft Carrier 4
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